What to expect

At Harvest Point Church, we look forward to Sundays! It’s the time of the week when we gather together as a faith family to worship God and encourage each other to love Him more and to do His work.

What Should I Wear?

Don’t stress on what you will wear. Most people dress casually (blue jeans), but you can dress up or down if that makes you feel more comfortable. God is more interested in our heart than our clothes and so are we.

What Is The Service Like?

We think church should be simple and focused: love God; love people (Matt 22:37-40). We think the same about times we gather for worship. We will worship by praying, singing, and hearing a message from the Bible.

Where Do I Go?

We now meet in the community building which is right by the swimming pool at 620 N Nugent Ave in Johnson City. Our location will soon change to the high school commons.

What Time Is The Service?

We meet at 10 a.m. on Sundays. We would love for you to come a little earlier so we can get to know you and so you can get a cup of coffee.

What About Children?

We love children! When we start meeting at the high school commons, we will have childcare available from birth through pre-k. A greeter will show you where the childcare area will be which is real close to where the service will be. All of our workers have been trained and have background checks to ensure your child is safe and properly cared for.

Ask Us A Question Or Send Us A Message.

We love answering any questions you may have.